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Friday, July 9, 2010


Good day followers!

The admin of this blog is currently looking for "SHOWBANDS for hire" that can conform to the following:

  • must be full band
    • bring own guitars and guitar effects including drum sticks
    • bring own keyboard if necessary
    • if you have all equipments including sound system package, please include package when you mail me
    • if not full band (acoustic), make sure you can make people get off their feet and dance to the beat
  • entertain a large number of guests (probably a whole Barangay)
  • play a variety of music genre (These are minimum requirements. If you can do more, then better)
    • senti/mellow/slow songs
    • RnB/hip-hop/party songs
    • rock/alternative/metal
  • band members with pleasing personality
  • willing to travel across the sea
  • can perform all night long
  • can easily adjust to unforeseen circumstances
  • most of all, entertaining!
For all interested SHOWBANDS out there, please e-mail your response to abenoja.marc@gmail.com. I'll contact you personally or via e-mail or by any means possible. Please include your contact details. We will talk the details privately. 

**NOTE: Put "SHOWBAND APPLICATION" as the subject when you e-mail me.

Thank You!


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